Personal lubricants, Do I need them?

pjur-aqua lube

Women can often be worried about vaginal dryness. How lubricated we get during foreplay and sex is not always an indication of how turned on, or aroused a woman is.

During arousal, the vagina triggers glands to release a clear, translucent fluid that blood vessels carry through the vaginal walls, making them lubricated and ready for penetration. This process can be affected by age and a woman’s estrogen levels.

If Estrogen levels are low, this can leave a woman susceptible to vaginal dryness in general, as well as during sex. Breast feeding, smoking, The pill, and menopause can all add to or cause vaginal dryness.

Personal lubricants Can help day to day, and during sexual intercourse. There are many types on the market, and you should consider when buying what you need form your lubricant, and it’s uses. This will help determine which is best for you.

Many women use lubricants for a variety of reasons including, a quickie, a well endowed partner, sex in water, and to add sensation during sex.

Here is a quick overview of some lubricants available

Silicone-based lubricants

KEY INGREDIENTS Dimethicone, dimethiconol and cyclomethicone—silicone-based polymers that provide the slippery texture.

Silicone lubricants are hypoallergenic, as they are not absorbed by the body. Ideal for marathon sex sessions, and sex in water.These lubricants can’t be used with silicone toys, as silicone binds to silicone, which can damage the toy. Silicone lubricants are not recommended for oral sex as they can leave an unpleasant film in the mouth, and may stain sheets etc.

Water-based lubricants

KEY INGREDIENTS In addition to water, may include glycerin, synthetic or vegetable-based propylene glycol (an organic alcohol that creates the slippery texture and maintains moisture)

Widely available. They’re safe for use with condoms and sex toys, and wash off the body easily. Water-based lubricants can dry out during use so you may need to reapply them. Water-based lubricants are readily absorbed by the body, So if you have concerns or suffer from allergies, you should check the label and consult with your doctor

Natural-product lubricants

KEY INGREDIENTS May include aloe vera and flaxseed oil

Most of these products are organic and do not contain parabens.These are typically available only in specialty  stores, and may be pricey.

With so many brands out there it’s hard to know which ones are good quality, we would recommend, Pjur, and Give lube , as great brands to start with!

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“An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away” – MAE WEST Amercian actress and sex symbol

“An orgasm a da…

Rianne S – Matryoshka Silicone Vibrator

“The little lady with a big secret.”

The Matryoshka is a little lady that hides a powerful secret. Embracing the feminine form, the Matryoshka has seductive and sensual curves with soft touch materials that work with your body to achieve orgasmic heights.

This little lady knows how to please.

With five diverse programs and five different vibration intensity levels to suit your mood, the Matryoshka can be used to tease and titillate you. The Matryoshka is discreet, flexible and waterproof, allowing for it to pleasure you in a variety of ways. This stylish and sophisticated little lady is one you will want to return to time and time again.

Made for super soft and silky silicone, this exclusive vibrator is not only seductively elegant in design, but body-safe and phthalate free.

Full Demo of Tenga Clicker egg

This demo shows the Tenga clicker egg inside the sleeve, outer packaging, and in use!

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How to use Kegel balls

Swan Kegels

Using Kegel balls will deliver better toned Pelvic floor muscles, enable better bladder control, a tighter vagina, and stronger arousal during intercourse.

Kegels are also known by many other names including, Ben wa, Jiggle balls, giesha, and love balls. They are essentially the same thing, although sometimes made from different materials.

Kegels come in different sizes and weights, depending on how practised you are at using them. The smaller and heavier  they are the more advanced you need to be at using them. So if your starting out, use lighter bigger balls to get you started.

So how do you use them?

Kegels are inserted into the vagina and your pelvic floor muscles are used to hold them in place as the weighted balls move around. It takes a bit of concentration at first to keep them in place.

Kegel balls are easy to use and discreet as they are worn internally. Once you are used to using them you can wear them anywhere.

When you use your kegels for the first time make sure you wash them thoroughly following the manufactures instructions.

Apply a suitable lubricant to the balls and your vagina entrance, remembering to use waterbased lube if your kegels are silicone.

Gently insert one ball followed by the second, by pushing them slowly into the vagina. The balls will have a removal cord to allow you to pull them out easily, this should be left outsie the vagina.

Once the balls are inside you may need to push them inside a bit more to ensure they are comfortable and being held by your pelvic muscles.

Your bosy will automatically hold the balls, to remove them just pull the retrival cord slowly and smoothly to removed

I would recommend using silicone or stainless steel, as these are easy to clean and the most hygienic option.

You can wear you kegels for as long as you like, and gradually build up confidence, as you do, you will need to move to smaller balls to ensure you get the benefits of wearing them.

Shop for Kegels

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Comet G-spot Glass & Silicone Dildo

Product details
Key by Jopen – Comet Pearl Wand Pink

Comet dildo by Key by Jopen.

- 12,75 cm x 3,75 cm
– Durable glass body dipped in soft and luxurious body safe silicone
– Innovative and sensually curved ergonomic shape
– Stainless alloy emblem
– Soft luxury lint free storage bag included
– One Year Warranty

available from

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Silicone Sex

Tickler silicone vibrator

While silicone has likely been used in small amounts in sex toy manufacturing.
Today silicone toys are readily available and  include dildos, vibrators, anal toys, ball gags, and more.  While it’s always a bit more expensive, silicone is highly recommended for many reasons.
  • It warms up to body temperature and holds that temperature longer.
  • Silicone transmits vibrations well, so even a weaker motor feels better in a silicone vibrator or toy
  • Non-porous, hypoallergenic, easy to clean, and more durable, most toys only need soapy water, and some can be boiled and bleached. (like Tantus)
  • If you suffer will allergic reactions to sex toys materials, you’ll be ok with silicone
  • Widely used in many quality sex toys and vibrators.

Beware of products calling themselves silicone:

  • Be aware some  manufacturers may call their products silicone even if they contain only a small percentage of silicone, Just 10% is needed to be able to call a sex toys silicone. Those toys would be more accurately described as being Silicone and rubber mixes  I would recommend sex toys that are made of 100% or almost 100% silicone.
  • Toys that are 100% silicone are soft, chemically inert and hypoallergenic.
  • Silicone does not contain phthalates. (read shades of grey-the sex toys industry to learn more about Phthalates)

 Care of Silicone Toys:

  • You can use soap, or bleach to clean your  silicone toys. ( Just be careful to rinse properly once you have bleached them!).
  • Boil silicone sex toys in water, or put them on the top shelf of your dishwasher to clean.  Different manufacturers suggest different lengths of time, usually between 3-5 minutes for boiling. If your silicone toy is a vibrator read the manufacturers guide, as some are not waterproof.
  • You should always use a water based personal lubricants, Do not use silicone based lubricants as they will destroy the surface of  silicone toys.
  • Silicone is very durable, but can tear.  Keep sharp edges away from your silicone toys, I would recommend keeping them in storage bag, separate from other silicone toys as silicone should not be stored  with other silicone toys. You can get some really nice sex toy storage boxes these days like the Lunch Box.

Safer Sex:

  • It is possible to transmit infections on sex toys that have not been sterilized even if they have been washed.
  • To prevent transmission of bodily fluids and bacteria it is recommended that you boil your toy following  the manufacturers instructions
  • If you are going to share a sex toy use a condom on the toy to prevent transmission of bodily fluids, oryou  boil your toy  following the manufacturer’s instructions before a new person uses it.

Silicone Toy Manufacturers:

Most companies that specialize in silicone sex toys stick with using 100% silicone.  Some of the larger manufacturers will offer a line of silicone toys but it’s hard to know what’s really in them.
I would recommend you try Tantus, Lelo, Fleshjack, Key by Jopen, there are many more brands that produce good quality silicone sex toys, and many reputable sex toy sites now stock good ranges of silicone sex toys.
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