How to use a fleshlight

The Fleshlight is the number one selling mens sex toy. It has a discreet durable high quality plastic case shapped like a flashlight for discretion.

Underneath the removable top cap you’ll find a patented lifelike superskin material, that can be purchased in a number of different inserts to taylor the tightness and texture to your indiviaul needs.

The Fleshlight stimulates intercourse and is really close to the real thing, you can choose your type of fleshlight from , vaginal, Anal and mouth versions.

The end of the fleshlight has a cap that can be tightened during use for extra suction, making it feel much tighter.


  • Simply unscrew the top cap and remove the sleeve
  • Soak the sleeve in warm water
  • The sleeve will retain heat to give it a more realistic feel
  • Leave it for a few minutes to warm
  • Place the sleeve back into case and add lube .
  • use until climax

watch the how to use video using a fleshlightFleshlight pink vagina

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