Fleshlight Reviews

Fleshlights are discreet male masturbators that look like flash lights but have a secret inside.
When you take off the lid it has a real feel insert inside. The Pink Mouth Original looks like a mouth, slip inside and experience the smooth canal and let the soft, inviting lips wrap around your erection!
Close your eyes and let the sensation and your imagination take you away. It could be the best blow job you have ever had!


(10 / 10)

By: Ross Date: (10 August 2010) Very good, really worth getting one of these they are just great! Especially good if you sit them in hot water for a while beforehand!


(8 / 10)

By: TheSaucyPair Date: (23 September 2010) Fleshlight Girls Jenna Haze Lotus Edition Over the last few years the demand for Male sex toys has risen which in turn has seen a rise in competition and also quality of the toys. Now Fleshlight, the worlds best selling male sex toy, have gone one step further by signing up adult movie stars. In this review we willl be finding out if it really does give you that porn star feel.



(10 / 10)

By: anon Date: (31 July 2011) I bought one of these and well what can I say – its an amazing item – not 100% the same as a BJ but very, very, very close – not too tight and not too loose. One of the best Fleshlights I have. Would recommend to everyone.



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