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Hot Wet Sex

Having sex somewhere other than the bed can really add a new dimension to your sex life .It encourages you to use alternative positions, opening communication pathways between you and your partner, and improving fitness, all whilst providing that extra something your sex life may need.

A great alternative to the bedroom is the shower or bath, which many couples find an easy progression, however not without it’s challenges.

To help we have a great range of sex products for the shower or bath to keep you from slips and trips, making everyone at the health and safety office very happy indeed, and leaving you to focus on the pleasure!

These products from sportsheets will be just what you have been waiting for.

If you love sex in the bath or shower then this is for you!
This locking suction foot rest sticks to your wall or bath and works as a ridge for you to place your foot making previously impossible positions easy.
The strong means that you can apply weight without worry giving you extra leverage, extra height and easier penetration.
Simply flip the lever upwards whilst it’s held in place to firmly fix it where you want it. Flip downwards to remove.
Whether you want somewhere to rest your feet whilst in the bath or want to make penetration easier in the shower – this toy is simple and easy to use.
One footrest supplied per pack.
Team it up with the Dual or Single Locking Suction Handle.