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Who needs the Kama Sutra?

The Kama sutra or twister? We think one and the same!

Unless you can bend into positions that would send most of us to hospital , yu simply aren’t having great sex , at least that’s what we are all lead to believe

News flash … Most of us only use four basic positions, missionary , doggy style , cow girl and reverse  Cow girl . There are two main reasons for this. Firstly most if us cannot twist ourselves into such positions and comfortably enjoy sex , I don’t fancy passing out from trying the pile driver to make sex more interesting, and secondly the four basics are comfortable allowing you to enjoy the ride. So if you fancy spicing things up don’t risk a trip to A&E, try changing your positioning whilst having sex , or introduce a new dimension to foreplay. Foreplay can be just as satisfying as the main event , if time is taken it will always improve the sex. Taking time to massage tantalize and tease all add to the excitement. Sex toys can be a great way to start and there are many products like blindfolds , massage oils, whips , and tickers that can get you started.

Using everyday objects such as chairs or tables can bring position variations, allowing support and comfort whilst having sex.

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